Healed From the Wounds of My Past!


Do you feel like your past is destroying your future? Are you having problems breaking free from past hurts and unforgiveness? Do you feel, despite your best efforts to live free of your past, that you are not making any progress? Then Healed from the Wounds of My Past is the book for you.

While the journey to wholeness may not be easy, Pastor Addie Kennebrew’s encouragement through the word of God will show you how deliverance, healing, and freedom can be yours if you only believe. You will discover that your past doesn’t define you and doesn’t have to be a stumbling block but can become a steppingstone, propelling you to a place you never dreamed you could be. God still wants to restore your joy and transform your life from wounded and weary to free. As you read this book, open your heart to the possibilities because a change is going to come!