Urge Fix Recovery Guide


Are you struggling with an addiction? Are you in active recovery and want to develop a plan to prevent relapse? If you need a clear, focused, and understandable strategy for fighting the battle against your addiction, The Urge Fix Recovery Guide is your roadmap to a successful journey.

Recovery is a continual process, and your fight will not be easy. That is why psychiatrist and addiction recovery coach Dr. Cyntrell is here to be your personal guide along this difficult but rewarding path. In this book you will:

  • Learn about addiction and recovery
  • Discover the pitfalls of addiction
  • Identify your personal triggers
  • Define the pros and cons of addiction versus recovery
  • Develop your plan for recovery

Within these pages, you will find the non-judgmental support and clear plan you have been seeking to help you achieve sobriety and a drug-free life.