Putting the Good “C” in Cancer Care


What comes after hearing these three life-changing words: “You have cancer”? How do you keep up with all the appointments and beat the complicated healthcare system, all while preserving the quality of your personal and professional lives?

Every patient deserves considerate navigation through cancer, and every physician has the ability to be the guide. Nationally recognized oncologist Dr. Melva E. Pinn-Bingham, affectionately known as Dr. Melva, provides the roadmap that both patients and physicians need in Putting the Good “C” in Cancer Care.

These chapters gently lead the reader from the moment of diagnosis to survivorship and prevention, all through the lens of the four Cs: Compassion, Connection, Community, and Choices. Each section prioritizes the patient’s right to coordinated care and mental wellbeing, while also offering physicians and caregivers practical advice on how to properly support those who are affected by cancer.

Life with cancer can be difficult; however, it can be enormously enriched through compassionate care, close relationships with those around you, and gratitude for the life you have.