Get Informed!


Over thirty million Americans have diabetes, and that number is rising daily. However, despite the seriousness of this disease, many diabetics are ignorant about the consequences for their health if it goes untreated and the complications that can arise even with treatment. Or, they may realize its seriousness, but not be fully informed of the importance of taking their medication, changing their diet, or tracking their condition. But there is a remedy.

In Get Informed! A Guidebook for Recently Diagnosed Diabetics and Their Loved Ones, Dr. Sharita Warfield skillfully explains diabetes, its effects, and its treatments. Having been diagnosed with diabetes herself, as well as having lost her mother to complications from diabetes, Dr. Warfield also shares strategies drawn from her own experience. With recommendations on lifestyle changes, healthy alternatives to common foods, and more, this book is invaluable for diabetics and their family and friends.