Today’s History Makers


In the past decade, black women have become the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, making known their indispensable knowledge, courage, and drive in the world of business. To celebrate these remarkable entrepreneurial spirits, and to inspire all women and girls to join this list of names, author and talk show host Tanya Barnett presents Today’s History Makers. 

The 40 women featured in this book are your modern-day African American female entrepreneurs, who have taken inspiration from the women before them—mothers, industry trailblazers, public figures—to push beyond adversity to fulfill their dreams, often with the intention of helping others. With their stories, these women create an open dialogue about what it takes to be a leading presence in this industry and share the obstacles they have had to overcome to create a legacy for themselves and for their families. Join this tribe of women in a spirit of collaboration and make your mark on history.

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