In the streets of Brooklyn, Rasheena Perry was left to fend for herself against men, drugs, secrets, and generational plagues that cursed her family for years. UnBreakable is the heart-wrenching story of a child who was born to an addict and left under the care of a resentful grandmother and a violent pastor, whose respect from the community blinded its members from the rape, molestation, and abuse he inflicted on children behind closed doors.

Through interwoven flashbacks, reflections, and letters to the ones who shaped her treacherous childhood, Rasheena shows extraordinary transparency and courage in her plight to release herself from the pain and brokenness she suffered for most of her life. Her story is one that must be told—one that will inspire every woman and child who has suffered from the cruelties of their surroundings to take back their power, to choose hope instead of hate, to move forward, to speak out, and to be set free.