Hiding Behind Lipstick


Are you wounded? Are you broken? Are you tired of dressing up for the role of ‘who they want you to be and confused about who you really are?’

Whether your face is beat to the Gods or you use a little mascara and a little lipstick, the average woman loves to wear make-up. Ever since we were little girls we’ve loved to play dress up. Some of us have carried that feeling with us into adulthood. However, as women the game of dress up doesn’t serve us well but we’ve been playing the game for so long we’ve forgotten how to just be ourselves. We’ve forgotten how to love the real woman behind the lipstick.

If you’re ready to start (or restart) the journey of real self-love, then Hiding Behind Lipstick is your new best friend. This 31-day journal includes spiritually fulfilling quotes and affirmations that will emotionally support and encourage you to allow confidence and authenticity take root and blossom into your truth.