The Power of You


Where does your power come from? Many might say their relationships, others their work and money. Some may even say that they have no power, that their pasts thwart them from receiving blessings for their future. Forthright, engaging, and compassionate, Shanita Rowsey’s The Power of You reminds readers that the power of change comes from none other than: You.

These pages focus on ways to uncover one’s true identity, leave behind negativity and naysayers, rely on no one’s validation but that of God, and operate in one’s destined purpose. Part motivational and part memoir, each chapter further encourages self-discovery through interactive Power of You Moments, in which readers may write down their concerns, feelings, affirmations, and goals to take back their power.

Why? Because you cannot afford to leave your identity in the hands of others, and, most importantly, the world cannot afford to miss out on your gifts and testimony.