Confidence Now!


Over the course of life, our confidence can take a beating. We know the goals and dreams we have for our lives, but sometimes we lack the confidence to get there.

In Confidence Now!: The Go-Getter Woman’s Guide to Achieving Anything in Life, Dr. Neema Moore provides you with the tools you need to take back your life and become the person you are meant to be. Dr. Moore provides expert advice on how to shift your mindset, practice self-care from the inside out, exercise gratitude, establish boundaries, and retrain your brain toward positivity.

Armed with this knowledge, you can achieve anything in life. Instead of asking yourself, “Why me?” you’ll find yourself saying, “Why not me? Why shouldn’t I be able to achieve my dreams and be successful?” If you’re ready to level up in all areas of your life, this book is for you. It’s time to get confident, now!