From Challenge to Champion


With the rise in technology, changes in the food and drug industry, and an increase in the diagnosis of behavioral disorders, parenting has become more difficult than ever, and finding an effective solution for childhood behavioral issues can seem like an impossible feat. The good news is that parents can learn to manage their child’s disruptive behavior by developing a better understanding of the factors that influence their actions.

From Challenge to Champion: 10 Factors That Can Drastically Improve Your Child’s Challenging Behavior explores critical factors like personality types and parenting styles, and provides critical insight to help parents improve communication with their child. Dr. Mildred Carson, a board-certified pediatrician dedicated to helping parents find effective solutions for their child, offers a clinical perspective on diagnoses and other factors that negatively affect a child’s behavior. With Dr. Carson’s invaluable insight and expertise, parents can end the cycle of poor behavior and see true transformation in their child.