Dear Black Man, We Love You!


For men this book is a tool you can use to run your race in life and win. You are strong and mighty, but your emotional bank account is running low and interfering with stepping into all God has for you. This book holds a critical success factor for you if your desire and goal is to win in life. The most important aspect of this book is the chapter on the five things you need to hear, plus you will find:

* 5 things you need to say to yourself,

* 5 things you need to say to God,

* 5 things you need to know,

* 5 things you need to do daily,

* and 5 things you need to have.

For women this book is the ideal peace and love offering you can gift to the man/men in your life. It is also a tool you can use as a playbook for crucial conversations as it includes specific language for what to say to “the guy” as well as simple exercises you can use to build him up or become the soft-landing place he needs right now, whether “the guy” is your dear friend, father, brother, son or your honey/hubby.

For helping professionals this book is a practical healing tool and life-skills resource to help women, men and families better understand how to build up the men in their lives and sow into their emotional bank account.