The Clever Girl Life


Growing up is often defined by change: Our bodies develop, our minds transform, and who we are and who we choose to be begin to emerge from within ourselves. As amazing as this all sounds, the process can be difficult, confusing, and, at times, scary, especially if you’re a young lady who’s going through certain experiences for the very first time.

The “Clever Girl” Life is exactly what it says it is: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Positive Body Image, Confidence, & Life Happiness. It’s a no frill, no lies, no beating-around-the bush tour through the physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and social milestones that every young woman will face—and who better to be your docent than renowned OB/GYN and women’s health educator Dr. Dawne? With clear-cut visuals and succinct but thorough explanations, plus some outright good advice, Dr. Dawne offers answers to questions that may already be floating around in your head and ones that you might have never considered. Either way, you’re bound to walk away wiser and ready to face the world your way!