I Choose to Be a Lady


How do I work up the guts to tell my parents that I am being bullied? What do I say in the “sex talk” with my teen daughter? How do we grow into a family with strong self-esteem and goal-setting habits?

All at once a guide, a workbook, and an organizer for ones’ thoughts, I Choose To Be a Lady answers all of the questions above and more. Hygiene and etiquette, sex and love, career growth and job-hunting, social media and privacy–author Kiana Shaw fearlessly covers the nitty-gritty topics that young people and parents need to know, but may not always feel comfortable talking about.

Whether you are a young woman looking for guidance, an adult looking to help, or someone who simply needs a reliable voice to look up to, these chapters are an invaluable resource for you to survive and thrive in the most formative years of your life.