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Generate Book Sales by Guest Blogging

Guest posting (aka guest blogging) is an excellent way to get more subscribers, build your platform and get more book sales. In addition, the posts can help you achieve higher search engine rankings and build backlinks to your own website. When done strategically, regular guest posting can be one of your most effective book promotion tools. Be sure to include the name of your book AND your book website in your author byline, so that readers can learn more about both you and your book!

Promote and Sell Solution(s)

People primarily read non-fiction books, because they’re looking for answers to a particular problem.


  • Define an answer to this question: What problem can you help solve better than anyone else?

By starting from this foundation, you will not only be able to provide a solution to the problem your readers want to solve, but you will be able to do it in the way that they will actually understand and act on!

Join Groups to Monetize Your Platform

Join groups that your readers are a part of to build and monetize your author platform! As you strategize to write, publish and promote your existing and upcoming books, the groups can become one of the best resources for you to access your ideal readers. Share the following content to standout and attract leads:

  1. Curated articles
  2. Step-by-step activities
  3. Free (or low cost) tools curated specifically for your reader

Browse the group(s) when you’re looking for recommendations, ideas, resources and marketing opportunities for your projects.

Target Industry Associations

A great place to book paid speaking gigs is by targeting industry associations and their events. Not only do they have established budgets to pay speakers, but members are typically leaders and executives like yourself. You’ll gain exposure within the industry for future opportunities, while also building your credibility as an expert.

7 Ways to Increase Your Visibility

Getting your book published is not a build-it-and-they-will-come project. As an author, you and your book need visibility to reach your audience. Ways to get visibility include:

  • hosting your own website
  • blogging on your own site
  • guest blogging
  • speaking
  • sponsorship
  • offline networking, and…
  • consistently sharing your expertise (and book) on social media.

Create a “Quick Tips” Series on YouTube

Video is the most popular form of content online. Are you actively using video to promote your author platform?


  1. Create a “quick tips” series on YouTube related to the content of your book.
  2. Your video tips can be short and simple – even just 60 seconds is fine.
  3. Share your expertise with a quick tip, and be sure to tie it back to your book.
  4. Remember to always include a Call To Action (CTA) at the end of your video – in this case, your CTA should include information on where to buy your book.