Bags in the Attic


As a young girl growing up in Jamaica, Joan always wanted more for her life. She dreamed of going to college, pushing past the boundaries of what was expected of her, and forging a unique path in the world. But when betrayal hit close to home and rocked the foundation of her family, Joan’s view of life—and men—was tarnished. Then, she met Mr.

Intoxicated by Mr.’s charm and a promise of the life she had always dreamed of, Joan uprooted her life to move to the United States, making many sacrifices along the way. Soon after, she realized the man she followed for love was not the man he truly was, and the family she tried to build was in danger at his hands.

A story of unending resilience, Bags in the Attic shows the strength of one woman, who stopped at nothing to protect her family, and her daughters, whose bravery empowered her to fight for their survival.