Cleaning Out My Closet


In Cleaning Out My Closet: How the Truth Will Set You Free, Angel Bartlett courageously takes us through a tumultuous part of her life journey–the good, the bad, and the ugly, without censor. From abusive relationships, to having children out of wedlock, to financial hardships, to total dysfunction, Bartlett shares it all.

While she recognizes that life is a journey, she also recognizes that some trials can be avoided if we listen to wisdom. She has made multiple mistakes throughout her journey of self-discovery, however, she has learned that the best way to recovery from adversity is owning and acknowledging your truth. She also realizes that sometimes in owning your truth, it will break you completely down, but also put you back together again, stronger and wiser than you were the first time. Bartlett does not have any regrets because every trial and encounter has made her wiser, stronger, and more determined to own her truth unapologetically.