Inspiration in the Clouds


Look up into the sky. Take in the various shapes and hues of the clouds. Are they light and feathery, dark and heavy, bright and full? Notice how they move at different speeds through the vast expanse of space. Let your eyes wander from one form to the next, relaxing your mind and allowing your thoughts to float as freely as the clouds. How do you feel?

The companion to TravelpediaInspiration in the Clouds: A Journal for Exploring Life is your space to transcend your daily stresses and find peace and inspiration in your thoughts. With thirty pages of encouraging quotes and beautiful ethereal images, global traveling physician Yvette McQueen, MD, helps you start each day in a clearer state of thinking, allowing your mind to wander without limits. Like clouds, our thoughts are ever-changing–so embrace wherever your musings take you and find inspiration from within.