Women and Lyme Disease


Health care professionals often brush aside life-impacting concerns caused by Lyme disease infection, a complicated tick-borne disease where symptoms can persist for years. With the appropriate diagnosis and primary or supportive care from the right physician, patients can experience a much-improved quality of life. Women and Lyme is the guide for women that naturopathic physician Dr. Jaquel Patterson wishes had existed when she first experienced her own misdiagnosed symptoms caused by Lyme disease. In this comprehensive guide, Dr. Jaquel brilliantly breaks down the complexity of Lyme disease into well-organized descriptions of how this dreaded affliction affects the body, such as autoimmune disorders, hormones, thyroid disease, and mental health. Women are presented with detailed explanations of transmission, symptoms, complications, and present-day treatment options for Lyme disease specifically pertaining to female patients. Dr. Jaquel’s inspirational words motivate women of all ages to begin taking steps towards improving their health and well-being.