Inside Out Beauty


Skin conditions like acne are on the rise in women, and some industries like to claim that they have all the solutions-but do they? What if the ideal skincare solution doesn’t rely only on what you apply to your skin but how you live your life?

In Inside Out Beauty: Your Prescription for Healthy, Radiant, and Acne Controlled Skin, board-certified dermatologist Naana Boakye, MD, MPH, provides wisdom from her more than ten years of experience running a private practice. Her secret? Skincare is not surface level, but what she likes to call “inside out beauty.” The right approach to radiant skin, whether it involves basic maintenance or disease prevention, includes making healthy lifestyle choices.

Speaking from her findings in the field and at home, Dr. Boakye offers strategies for navigating skin problems while highlighting the food and exercise choices that can put you on the path to your healthiest complexion yet.