Relational Pillars for Couples


Take an honest look at your relationship: Are you happy? Are you giving it your best? Are you and your partner still on one accord, passionately connected and supportive of each other like you used to be? And most importantly, is pleasing and honoring God through your relationship the epicenter of your heart’s desire?

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a short or long time, whether you are newlyweds or you’ve reached your golden anniversary, there will be great times of love and celebration as well as times of discontentment. Some may even be experiencing thoughts of separation and are ready to “throw in the towel!” For times like these, Dr. Thaddeus K. Greene is here to help with Relational Pillars for Couples.

This wonderful book is part relationship guide, part devotional reading, and illustrates how to implement “pillars” you need to build a loving partnership that is based in mutual respect, forgiveness, proven methods of communication, and consistent relational prayer, all while employing Christ-centered relational teaching. After reading this book, you and your partner will be able to identify, internalize, investigate, and implement techniques and strategies to be best friends for life.

When the foundation is strong, your love will persevere, and when Christ is the center of your relationship, it will be successful–as we can do all things through Him. Blessings!